It’s Business Time: Project Management, Part One

Welcome to our new It’s Business Time series on this here blog! This will be a series of posts that come out every Thursday where we talk about starting and running a business by someone who has no business (or idea!) how to run a business.

I’m kind of obsessed with reading about starting, running, and maintaining a business, but I feel like there is a gaping hole in the information I’m seeking. The hole being my own perspective, quirks, and hindrances when it comes to figuring this all out and getting stuff done. I’m looking for realistic work/life solutions for those of us who are prone to hunkering down, putting things off, spending five hours researching a random topic (instead of tackling that looming deadline), who have felt that pinching-gut fear and self-doubt, never knowing where to start so not starting, the overwhelmed, the anxious, and the worried.

I’m confident that there are solutions for the rest of us. The population who needs a to-do list for their to-do list.  I’m not looking for the ever elusive work/life balance. I’m look for effective strategies for organizing information and projects, and a whole lot less wasted time biting my nails. It’s time to grow and move forward with those big ideas! Are you ready?


Here’s the deal: I’ve got my hands in a lot of pots and I love it! I enjoy being involved in several projects, and while it may seem on the surface that I’ve spread myself too thin when I can’t meet a deadline, the fact is this: I waste a lot of time. I’m coming clean.

I waste time thinking about doing something, making lists, and over-analyzing. I waste time fearing a project and my abilities to do it. I waste time doing a million other things that aren’t high priority. Would you like an example?

I have this blog that I’m trying to build, and a magazine that is coming out in three weeks, and freelance projects to work on, clients to connect with, interviews to email, articles to write, products to make and so on. So what do I do? I go and get obsessed with learning how to crochet. I can’t do anything else until I learn a new stitch. I will stay up all night reading patterns and taking online classes and buying books and playing with yarn. And while I think that wanting to learn crochet is valid, you know, when I’ve crossed all those tasks of my list for the day, I know it’s a diversion. It’s a refuge from my fear of starting and making a mistake. My escape from taking twenty scary steps at once. Crochet-land is peaceful and comfortable.

There will be people who read this and say “well Lorrie, if you aren’t doing what you need to do naturally then you need to do something else”, or “sister friend- let’s get you into crochet! it’s your calling!” or “if it’s a struggle it’s not meant to be.” and this is where I disagree. I’ve never been in the camp of people who believed that if something makes you uncomfortable or if it’s hard you shouldn’t do it.

If I followed the easy and comfortable route, I would do nothing more than lay on the couch, with three cats, and watch everything available on Hulu. And I’m pretty sure that’s not my calling in life…

Stay tuned for the It’s Business Time Series: Project Management Part Two coming on September 4th!

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One Response to It’s Business Time: Project Management, Part One

  1. Carly Burke says:

    For me personally, there is something rebellious in my nature, especially when it comes to something hard, or something I know will get me to the next level.

    I have been learning with Mod Podge and Resin for my jewelry designs, it is super easy but a technique I have not yet perfected. I need to work the kinks and bubbles out, literally.

    Yesterday instead of watching Youtube videos that would help me move to the next level with those techniques, I watched two episodes of Moonshiners. As entertaining as it was, I seriously don’t think it will help me get to the next level with my handmade jewelry business.

    So I get your crochet obsession, and I look forward to thinking more about the psychology behind our rebellion.

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