Beautiful Layers Magazine Fall Cover + Blog Thoughts

Here’s the cover of the new issue of Beautiful Layers Magazine coming out next Monday, the 15th. I love it so much I could roll around on it! I knew I wanted the cover to be colorful, warm, cozy, fun and featuring hands, rather than a person or face. The cover was inspired by two of my favorites: Molly Makes Magazine, they always feature hands holding something on their cover,  and this photo by MAIDAE:

I’ve been looking at this photo for weeks and wanted to bring a similar idea to the fall issue. The cover photo was  one of many. We had the model holding vibrant orange leaves and a granny-chic tea cup, but in the end I went for the owl glass from Paper Source. I think I need to find a spot for the other photos in the magazine. Everything the model is wearing is from Urban Gypsy in Roanoke. The orange scarf made its way home with me. The photograph was taken by Jessica Taylor here in Floyd, who really gets the aesthetic of the magazine- that’s so helpful!

I also changed the type on the cover of the magazine. I felt that having Beautiful Layers in script wasn’t bold enough, and I like the old style serif type a lot. This issue includes the word “magazine” which is implied, but it feels more professional to me. I know I’ll continue tweaking the cover, it’s getting there!

So that brings me to this blog. I spend a lot of my work time researching, reading, and thinking about my business and it’s direction. It’s really important for me to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. I really thought going in that it would be helpful for me to have a blog schedule and days for writing on certain topics, ie: Workout Wednesday, It’s Business Time, and Friday Favorites. But, I wasn’t enthusiastic about it. I think a blog schedule is great on some level with other blogs, but the blogs I truly love reading are those that have a strong personal story and are also running a creative business.

For example, my all time favorite blog is Posie Gets Cozy. I’ve been reading for years and years and years and will read everything she ever writes for many more years. I’m dedicated to Alicia- her writing, photography, life, and her vision. She has influenced me so much over the years with sharing life stories, getting better at writing and photography, learning to cook and creating an inspiring home. Alicia engages her reader, she really brings you into her world in Portland and all the while I 100% support her business. I’ve purchased her books, patterns, and ornament kits. If she sells it, I’m going to buy it. She is, to me, the perfect example of someone who is able to marry her personal life and her business, which for a lot of us, is a very fine line.

I’m pushing myself to be more me around here.


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  1. Kelly says:

    The new cover is beautiful! The font choice really made a big difference, and of course I want that scarf too :)

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